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Loyce Kayongo (CEO/RN)

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

Loyce Kayongo is a Registered Nurse and owner of

Mindful HealthCare Agency, located in Waltham, MA. Starting the Mindful Healthcare agency has always been a passion of hers even while she was in nursing school. When she graduated, Loyce knew she had to get some experience both within a hospital setting and the community. During her first year as a nurse in this institutional setting, she became very dissatisfied with the care that she could provide for her patients, being required to either discharge them early to return home or transfer to a facility before they were fully recovered. In these circumstances, she was never able to build a real strong relationship with her patients. She worked in home care which gave her happiness, satisfaction, and joy for taking care of the sick. Her zeal for caring for the geriatric population grew as she built relationships with the patients and their families in their homes & the community. The number of patients increased with word of mouth referrals. Loyce’s passion for providing mindful care also grew tremendously and she felt called by God to start MINDFUL HEALTHCARE AGENCY in order to serve. Loyce believes that care can only be DIFFERENT if caregivers are “mindful to every single detail while taking care of the clients.” Loyce lives the Mindful HealthCare core values of; Mindfulness, Integrity & Respect and she insures that her staff do the same.

Loyce takes great pride in hiring outstanding mindful caregivers, who are rigorously screened and thoroughly trained. She works hard to ensure that clients are matched with the caregiver who best meets their needs. Each client is treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. Loyce understands the sandwich generation & so, Mindful HealthCare Agency services are tailored to allow us to be the caregivers so family members can be sons & daughters.

“We exist to help those in need of care & provide a peace of mind.”

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