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Care Management

Helping your loved one who is facing medical, legal, financial, or other challenges associated with aging can be challenging. We know understand that caring for your loved one is meaningful to you, but we also know that it is difficult to balance all the other demands of your own life as a caregiver. We know how difficult it can be to support your loved one to live well at home, especially if you live far away.


Are your loved ones receiving the proper personal and medical assistance they need? Can they maintain their home? Who is taking them to their medical appts? Is someone taking advantage of your parent’s finances? We understand that it can be overwhelming, and that’s where Mindful Healthcare Agency care managers work one-on-one with your loved one, your family, and third-party providers to support all aspects of your loved one’s life.


Care Management Services

Create & maintain a care plan to manage all aspects of life and any contingencies.
Coordinate community, financial, legal, medical, personal care, moving, and other third-party resources.
Coordinate and manage all aspects of life at home, from home maintenance to shopping and meals.
Facilitate, coordinate, and attend appointments with healthcare providers.
Check on well-being and act as a liaison to families at a distance, ensuring things are going well and alerting families to problems.

Office Time

Client Support