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//Our Caregivers

Who is a Caregiver?

A Caregiver is someone who is compassionate, reliable, knowledgeable, and most importantly, trustworthy.
Mindful Healthcare Agency leads the industry in finding the absolute best Caregivers to provide seniors with assistance at home, giving their families peace of mind.

  • Compassionate
  • Reliable
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
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About Our Caregivers

Mindful Healthcare Agency is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer.
At Mindful Healthcare, we don’t just provide around-the-clock home care services to our patients — we believe in creating a team of quality, well trained professionals whose goal is the exceptional care and support of our patients. All our staff are employees and we never use contractor assistance.


Rigorous Hiring Process

Mindful HealthCare Employees go through rigorous selection process that includes:

  • Phone Screen to Determine Qualifications
  • Experience, & Skill Set
  • Written Competency
  • Examination to check knowledge of their profession
  • Verification of professional and personal references
  • Criminal background check for both State and Federal
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Check
  • Physical Capabilities Assessment from a doctor
  • OSHA Examination Based on Blood borne Illness and Pathogens
  • HIPAA Examination Based on Patient Privacy and Rights
  • Office of Inspector General Fraud and Exclusions Check
  • Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Tuberculosis Test or Chest X-Ray
  • Caregiver Orientation on Policies and Procedures of Mindful HealthCare Agency
  • Skill Set Evaluation by a Registered nurse.
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Matching Process

Our Matching Process takes the time to learn what our client care needs are and their likes/dislikes, in order to create an excellent matching potential of caregiver to client.
We believe the Mindful Matching process is valuable in creating;

  • Lifelong Client
  • Caregiver Relationships.
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Bonded and Insured

All Mindful HealthCare Employees are covered by General and Professional liability insurance, along with worker’s compensation. All Mindful HealthCare Employees are licensed, bonded and insured against any liability potential losses. When you trust us to come in your homes, we believe the peace of mind is priceless.

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Caregiver Training

Mindful HealthCare trains its staff; offering families a peace of mind when hiring someone to assist with a loved one’s care. Certifications help increase skills and professional growth to the mindful healthcare team.

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Mindful healthcare Agency has been impacting lives by providing high quality in-home care for over 5 years. We have provided over 1 million hours of care, specializing in diagnosis-specific care that improves our clients’ quality of life. Our highly skilled caregivers provide you the peace-of-mind and the care your family deserves.

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Family Room Portal

Mindful HealthCare knows the importance of punctuality & building trust. We provide a caregiver portal that provides real time caregiver monitoring.
As the family member, you can see who’s scheduled to stay with your loved and you have real time access of the caregiver’s attendance. In the event, a caregiver has not arrived at a scheduled home within several minutes of their shift, the office is notified immediately. The office staff immediately calls the caregiver to verify that he/she has arrived to the home safely.
This Caregiver portal is very crucial and efficient with communication between the caregivers and the office staff to better provide mindful care for our clients.

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