Nursing Services

We have RNS and LPNs that can provide a high level of expertise & patient commitment. They are trustworthy, loving, caring & mindful in the service they provide. We work to recruit the most qualified & compassionate nurses. They are all screened, insured & licensed.

Nursing services provided include:

  • Health & Home Assessments & Monitoring
  • IV therapy (teach, support & encourage), Administering of injections (Diabetic & IVF)
  • Pain management
  • Wound care and dressing changes
  • Chronic Disease management- your nurse works with you to help you better manage your health & achieve the best quality lifestyle. Ex of diseases are” diabetes, breathing issues, heart failure
  • Health education- your nurse can provide education to help you better understand your condition
  • Medication management-your nurse will ensure that you manage your medications well & monitor how well they are working
  • Case management- They identify healthcare needs, create a plan & explore to better match you to the right resources in the community.
  • The nurses provide care for your loved one if they are chronically ill or permanently disabled. Our nurses provide Geriatric care & Dementia care.

“We exist to help those in need of care & provide a peace of mind.”